energyagenda magazine

energyagenda is a Europe’s leading energy magazine which reaches over 9,000 decision makers across the energy sector.

energyagenda’s in-house journalists research and produce comprehensive and informative articles on public policy, interviews with influential figures, and analysis of key business developments and sectors covering all aspects of the energy supply chain. Each edition provides an excellent platform to profile your company to a captive, unique decision-making audience of energy sector professionals.


Each edition of energyagenda reaches over 9,000 decision-makers in the energy sector including: renewable energy developers, utility companies, gas and electricity suppliers, European and national policy makers, regulatory bodies, legal and financial advisors and energy technology providers.


energyagenda is comprehensive in its coverage of the energy sector and includes:
✔ Electricity transmission and distribution
✔ Gas transmission and distribution
✔ Onshore and offshore wind energy
✔ Solar energy
✔ Energy storage
✔ Energy in transport
✔ Bioenergy and renewable gas
✔ Petroleum and fuels
✔ Natural gas and LNG
✔ Energy trading and markets
✔ Nuclear energy
✔ Sustainable energy use in buildings
✔ Hydrogen and emerging fuels

Managing editor

Owen McQuade is managing editor of energyagenda. He is a chartered engineer who has an in-depth knowledge and experience of the energy sector having worked in a number of strategic roles with the Royal Dutch Shell Group in UK and the Netherlands and with the Viridian Group in Ireland. He was a best-selling author with Financial Times Energy having published expert reports on energy markets and the future outlook for energy utilities. He is founding editor and director of Energy Ireland which is Ireland’s leading annual energy forum. Owen has engaged with the energy sector across Europe and internationally on all aspects of energy policy from upstream natural gas to emerging renewable energy technologies. He is based in Dublin and Brussels.