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Forecyte (NIDEC): IIOT Asset Condition monitoring

As we move more to the age of predictive analytics by using real-time data collected through (Industrial Internet of Things) IIoT, which not only assists in identifying the threat of mechanical failure it will help predict future events. Nidecs FORECYTE™ system, a stand-alone asset condition monitoring platform powered by Nidec which is a battery powered wireless sensors to measure equipment vibration and temperature. This real-time data visualizes deteriorating equipment health. You can access the data anytime from anywhere using a browser on a web-enabled device.

The FORECYTE asset condition monitoring platform enables you to minimize unexpected downtimes and loss of production by providing you with an IIoT wireless equipment monitoring solution that is based on simplicity, reliability, connectivity and diagnostic intelligence.

Nidec’s standalone remote condition monitoring platform solution enables monitoring, collecting, visualization and analysis of vibration and temperature data to determine equipment health. This allows asset owners to transition from reactive/preventive maintenance over to predictive maintenance. Defining the ideal time and scope of such maintenance minimizes unexpected equipment failure, reduces operating costs, and extends service life.

“Forecyte has excellent potential for a range of sectors in Northern Ireland, and we are excited to be able to deliver such innovative technology to our customers at incredibly cost-effective prices.”

By combining technical capabilities and expertise, GES Group can provide significant value to its customers through the Nidec partnership. As an authorised partner, value-added services include express availability and local stocks; project management, sizing and on-site commissioning preventive and predictive maintenance; repairs, overhauls and rewinds; and equipment efficiency analysis.

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