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29 April 2021
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29 April 2021

Strengthening the sustainable nature of the renewable energy industry

Decarbonizing the economy to fight climate change is one of the most urgent goals that countries and companies have set for the coming decades. Wind energy is having a huge impact on reducing the world’s reliance on fossil fuels for electricity generation. Siemens Gamesa alone has installed more than 110GW capacity that powers millions of households, communities and companies with renewable energy worldwide.

At Siemens Gamesa, we believe that in addition to striving to produce the best technologically green solutions, we need to do so in an environmentally sustainable manner that supports carbon Net-Zero goals. Therefore, Siemens Gamesa suggests three key approaches:

  1. Developing technology that relentlessly pursues the capture of energy.
  2. Lifetime operating and decommissioning in a sustainable manner.
  3. Being a leader in our own operations and production.

1. Developing technology that relentlessly pursues the capture of energy

Our customer is at the centre of our innovation. We pride ourselves on developing technology and products that are both leading edge and strive to surpass our customer’s requirements.

With over 16GW of Offshore wind turbines installed, Siemens Gamesa is the global leader in offshore technology. The significant challenges of the marine environment require diligent technical and innovative practices to efficiently harness this renewable energy source. Leading the way with its 14MW SG-222 wind turbine, Siemens Gamesa is constantly looking at new methods to enhance operational efficiency and the selection of the optimum turbine for the prevailing site conditions.

In the Onshore market, Siemens Gamesa’s SG 5.8-170 turbine is setting the standard for low wind Onshore technology with the largest turbine rotor at 170m. The SG 5.8-155 medium wind turbine continues this trend towards higher rated, large rotor turbines to efficiently capture this vital renewable source.

Technological innovations such as hydrogen and large-scale storage through ETES, are very much in focus as we seek to find solutions for grid restrictive installations. Ireland, for example, has over 30GW of Offshore potential, according to SEAI, and new approaches are required to realise this opportunity.

SGRE has invested in a new Wind-Hydrogen off-grid prototype and expect that this will be one of the technologies that enables Ireland to deliver on its potential. Green hydrogen is showing promising uptake and there is great interest in its development and commercialisation.

2. Lifetime operating and decommissioning in a sustainable manner

In operations, the ramp-up in digitisation continues unabated with turbine doubles, predictive maintenance programs and safe, secure IoT (Internet of Things) technology. These programs ensure the lifetime maximisation of energy capture providing performance confidence for owners and investors.
Siemens Gamesa continues to seek the best solutions for post-operations. As a committed partner, to Innovation Fund Denmark’s Grand Solutions program, we co-fund the research and development project ‘DecomBlades’: a three-year project which seeks to provide commercialisation opportunities for recycling wind turbine blades using sustainable solutions.

3. Being a leader in our own operations and production

Siemens Gamesa must also pay attention to its internal and supply chain activities to ensure that we are acting in the most sustainable and environmental manner possible. Initiatives have included:

  • Since October 2020, Siemens Gamesa is now powered worldwide by electricity from 100% renewable sources avoiding emitting more than 80,000t CO2 annually.
  • Supplier engagement and reducing indirect emissions in the supply chain and the program to decarbonise Siemens Gamesa’s tower supply chain is just the beginning. The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) has recognized Siemens Gamesa’s efforts here including it on its 2020 Supplier Engagement Leader-board.
  • The Siemens Gamesa S&P Global Environment, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) score puts us 4th of 409 companies within the Machinery and Electrical Equipment industry and we were awarded an Industry Mover distinction award.

Siemens Gamesa is justifiably proud of ongoing efforts to decrease our, and our supply chain’s, carbon footprint through the lifecycle. We encourage every industry partner to continue to strive towards technological excellence to maximise the capture, storage and use of the natural, sustainable resources in a safe, clean and sustainable manner.

We are proud to be a part of the solution. We are producing clean and sustainable energy, powering our homes, schools, hospitals and keeping us moving wherever we are – from the largest cities to the most remote corners of the planet.

At Siemens Gamesa, we solve, we build, and we lead.

Kevin Moloney
Head of Sales — Ireland
Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Limited